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Cremation Options

Cremation is an alternative to traditional full casket ground burial. Cremation is a very popular alternative and is chosen for many reasons.

  • Personal Choice: For many, their family before them chose cremation and they can’t imagine doing anything else.

  • Flexibility: In today’s world family can be spread out over long distances. It can be difficult to bring family together within a short period of time to be present for the service and burial. When choosing cremation, the cremation can be performed and then the service and interment planned a few weeks later.

  • Environmental Reasons: Cremation is perceived as more environmentally friendly. It takes up less space and no chemicals are being put into the ground.

  • Cost: Cremation can be less expensive. Though it is not always less expensive, there are choices that can be made to make it so.

  • To be close to family: Even though there may not be room to bury a full casket near a loved one, most cemeteries allow for the additional burial of urns on top of existing casket burials.

What can we do with Cremated Remains?

To commemorate the life of a loved one, cremated remains can be memorialized in the same way a traditional burial can. The urn can be buried and a monument can be placed to memorialize their life. Above ground interment of the urn is also a popular choice. The urn can be placed in a wall and the opening covered in granite or glass. This space is referred to as a “niche”.

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