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Ground Burial Options

As the most traditional burial choice, in-ground burial typically involves a casket and is marked by an upright memorial or flat marker. Lots (graves) are sold side by side (for two people) or one on top of the other (double depth), also for two people.

No matter which option you choose West Oak Memorial Gardens is the perfect place for quiet reflection.

The six basic components of in-ground burial are:

  1. The final resting place is the lot/grave/plot within the cemetery. If you’ve already purchased your space, you can complete your pre-planning by setting up an appointment to purchase the remaining necessary components.

  2. The casket, which would be purchased from one of the local funeral homes, and contains the deceased for burial.

  3. The vault is installed in the burial site first, prior to placing the casket. The vault helps provide protection for the casket. It also helps to maintain a flat and level gravesite, in turn providing safe, sure footing for your loved ones.

  4. The opening-and-closing or interment service is to prepare the gravesite for burial. It consists of ground opening, closing (back-filling), and landscaping (to restore the gravesite’s appearance).

  5. An upright monument or flat marker at the gravesite to honour and celebrate a life worth remembering.

  6. A post interment reception is a reception or gathering after a funeral. As in most Christian faiths it is common to provide food and beverages after the burial. It is a good opportunity for people to spend time together to celebrate the life of the deceased. Funerals often bring people together who may not have seen each other in some time, and a reception also provides an opportunity for people to reconnect.